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TOTAPURI Mango Pulp & Concentrate

1) Specifications for Totapuri Mango Pulp (Puree): T.S.S (Brix) 14-16 Deg. and No Additives

2) 1) Specifications for Totapuri Concentrate: T.S.S (Brix) 28=1 Deg. and No Additives

Dehydrated Green Pepper & Green Pepper in Brine

1) Specifications for Dehydrated Green Pepper:

Essential Oil Content Min. 3%
Piperine Min. 7%
Moisture Max. 12%
Bulk Density 250-400 gr./ltr.wt.
Infected 0.2%
Grit & Sand 0.5%

2) Specifications for Green Pepper in Brine: These premium quality light green pepper berries, after removing all the stones and other foreign particles are kept in brine solution for about 45 days till the berries are matured. This process includes three times washing and fresh brine solution with salt solution around 17%±2% and vinegar around 0.6%±2%; packed in HDPE jars with net drained weight of 25 kg each


1) Varieties: Extra light light Halves, Light Halves, Light Quarters, Light Brokens, Light Amber Halves, Light Amber Brokens and Light small Pieces.

2) Packing: 5kgs Vacuum Pouches x 2= 10kgs Cartons. Shelf life one year.

Hulled Melon Seeds

Specifications : 99.9pct pure, fit for human consumption, sound and merchantable.

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